How individual owners benefit from vertical e commerce boom

e-commerce has showed its great potential and value, long time dream bazaar and good music to buy to get a huge amount of foreign venture capital as a symbol, shows that the venture has had a deep interest and confidence in this new e-commerce model, and according to their development in a short time, look at the results of this the vertical type of business model in the current e-commerce market China tends to homogenization serious indeed much.

An article in the journal "A5 a few days ago the

e-commerce in the future: the vertical type site will shine" has been the focus of analysis of the reasons for this type of vertical mode to be able to succeed, but in the future they will continue to have a larger space for development, in the current based on user acceptance a floor. As a personal webmaster, how to benefit in this vertical e-commerce boom, to get a share of the money, we should make further consideration on the important issues, find out countermeasures, in order to make full use of this new development opportunity. According to my analysis of the vertical e-commerce model, as well as the advantages of personal webmaster, I think there are three aspects can be fully used by individuals to learn and use, benefit from this boom:

, a wedding dress for others to do intermediary earn a commission of

every vertical type of e-commerce site appears at the beginning, in order to quickly strengthen the promotion of the market, often use a variety of marketing tools, both of which are included in the network media wantonly advertising, including the appeal Commission plans to let more people doing the promotion by using the relationship, or the ability to obtain more context promotion for the customer. This model for personal webmaster undoubtedly means a great opportunity, because by virtue of personal webmaster in the network promotion and marketing experience, the website promotion experience transfers to here, the similar Taobao customer site, or marketing through the QQ group, and the use of the free blog website carry out marketing, marketing services use the diversified way for the electronic commerce website the vertical type, thus the use of intermediary role in helping improve its sales at the same time, get their own share of considerable commission, this way to do not have their own resources, for the network marketing also has considerable experience, have freedom more time the webmaster, is undoubtedly a very ideal way. It is possible to expand with the shortcomings of the scale of e-commerce site and source of the mature, the commission model may be subsequently weakened and even cancelled, is not stable, but it is also for the individual owners can seize the rare money.

two, explore the use of personal resources to carry out independent vertical e-commerce

has for some conditions and resources of the individual owners, walk the road of independence, can fully explore their available resources, including a variety of goods, such as clothing, shoes, handbags, electronic products and other specific commodity resources, you can.

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