Talk about a hi car network marketing success

has an ad on the Internet recently filled his advertising advertising, second only to that of the guest, he is very recent fire "ehi". He took e-commerce as a platform, the left hand to open up the driving business, the right hand push short drive. Its network marketing and mobile phone SP SMS lock each prospective customer. I will give you the following analysis "EHI" network marketing.

with the current oil price rise, the car rental industry is known as a no ceiling industry. In 2009 a severe winter around shouting atmosphere, since a car with monthly sales growth of 15% speeds.

a car won Qiming venture investment a $5 million last year, its business model is based on electronic commerce has been developing rapidly, currently 90% of the orders from the Internet orders directly, even the store opened in the Taobao.

directly from the online order form

graduated from Fudan University in 1985 with a degree in computer science from the University of California in. Later, he founded a software company, the main business is to improve the efficiency of the use of vehicles through GPS and network. "At that time, the customers included Hertz car rental company, auto service company and business with the company." Zhang Ruiping said that this was his biggest advantage in the domestic business – Technical background.

living in the United States more than a decade later, Zhang Ruiping returned to China in 2006 in Shanghai founded a car. Familiar with foreign car rental giant Hertz do different ground drive model, but Zhang Ruiping think the domestic situation and the United States is not the same. Foreign tourists are mostly from the plane down, directly at the airport car rental use, and domestic business people on business, car rental invoices to reimburse them are very difficult. Therefore, the demand for remote driving has not been effectively stimulated."

then, the first in the country to start a car with drive service for business customers (driver and car rental), provide airport, point-to-point shuttle, intercity transportation comprehensive services for different business travelers. This is complementary with the then Shanghai veteran car rental company in Jinjiang, Johnson’s "long charter" mode.

Qiming venture partners Tong Shihao used their services in a previous investment. In more than a dozen domestic city, 60 times of telephone, SMS, e-mail dingche haven’t been a mistake, which makes on the electronic commerce in traditional industry application of Tong Shihao is very surprised. The car rental industry is not set up to buy a car to be able to solve, when they are less than 30 owned cars, but the ability to schedule the 10 thousand cars, so I am surprised by the scheduling capabilities." It is understood that Qiming with a $5 million investment in exchange for a part of a car rental hi stake, the two sides did not sign the agreement on gambling, there is no requirement for performance.

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, a self-developed core system uses the browser / server mode, all of the application data are concentrated in the central server.

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