Network promotion why no effect

a lot of friends are worried about a problem, that is, he did the network marketing, the establishment of a website, blog, do Baidu, Google and other search engine, opened the B2B members, and even put on the portal advertising. But half a year later, why no effect?

is not the direction of the problem, is the approach to the problem of operation of people’s problems, everyone knows how to do dumplings, but without a few people can make authentic steamed stuffed buns. Decide whether or not the delicious steamed stuffed bun, is, people with this person so many friends say they pay attention to the network marketing, but you think back, you are using a professional marketing staff doing or just a clerk will do? The details determine success or failure, for one network marketing. A preliminary understanding of people to take control of the company’s marketing resources, which in itself is a great waste.

there is, there is a right to learn, but do not learn anything. Do what others do. For example, the Chinese domain name and generic URL, which is a typical resource to promote the two garbage, the basic network promotion can not play a role. But big brands still have to do, because it involves a brand protection issues. But there is no need for small and medium enterprises to follow suit.

is once again the most important point, the network promotion and the company’s marketing is a close combination of it, or do it separately, or simply do not want to blindly touch the stones across the river. The essence of network marketing

finally, always keep our eyes open to see some of the so-called experts lies, really expert is not to sell their stuff, this place in Shenzhen, many Internet companies are self appointed experts and consultants found you to carefully understand, they just do, only the concept of speculation. This.

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