Conflict horizontal marketing to solve consumer conflict

you tell me, after reading this article, whether has the following problems:

know the importance of marketing, but do not know how to marketing?

mastered the theory of marketing, but do not know how to use


uses marketing skills, but did not achieve the desired results?


Why should the

marketing research is derived from the conflict conflict? The needs of consumers? To solve the conflict, whether marketing can be successful? Conflict — how to help Obama to become the greatest advertising? The age of big data, how the data help us more accurate insight into consumer conflict? The progress of science and technology, the escalation of the conflict, how should we respond? How Shenzhou car the escalation of the conflict, to reshape the consumer demand for


marketing more and more ineffective environment, we need to grasp the nature of marketing: let us come together to insight into the consumer and those conflicts have not been resolved!

why should we study conflict

one. The era of more and more ineffective marketing, how can we more effective marketing?

marketing becomes difficult, no matter is the means of communication, fragmentation, timeliness and dissemination of content, for today’s marketing becomes more and more difficult; the previous marketing also called and consumers to talk about love, that today’s marketing is only concentrated fire, gently question: "Wanna date me?"

marketing 4P, positioning theory, product king, Internet technology innovation, emerging new media, the spread of multiple…… The ultimate use of any kind of way, will lead to consumer crowd, comments, scraper, forwarding, diffusion…… But what about


after watching the fun, consumers have no way to turn the powder, there is no support for the use of the RMB, there is no continuous interaction and to maintain the link, there is no sincerity like the brand…… Think of the longer term, whether the product and brand can bring lasting benefits for consumers, resulting in a lasting resonance?

short touched, easy to do;

long hand, not easy to……

why in the increasingly difficult marketing environment, there are still consumers continue to love the brand, as well as brand behavior;

why in the era of more and more scattered attention, or let consumers a memorable, this life does not forget to pay attention to the products and enterprises;


is more and more low line communication channels, there are still no concessions, not to please, don’t flatter consumer brands, to obtain the dignified and imposing their own value, consumers win respect;


to use the words of the old cannot the old words, this is the worst of times, some is the best of times — but we believe: as long as the same human nature, the essence of marketing will not change, the main battlefield of marketing will not change, you tell me, when we face difficulties, back.

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