WeChat marketing advertising to return to the nature of socialization

WeChat is currently one of the most popular marketing research direction, a lot of network marketing experts have gradually turned their eyes towards the infinite this new field. WeChat since the line, just a few years the number of users to break 400 million. It can be said that this is Tencent since QQ, the only one can lead the world’s products. In particular, in 2012, WeChat’s public platform on the line in August, WeChat once again become a competition cake. For some brands, how to operate the public WeChat is simply send advertising? Or what? These are some of the issues we need to think about. I nearly 1 years through the operation and maintenance of WeChat, but also a little bit of experience, today to share with you. My public micro signal: pltsmr, also hope that everyone’s attention.


a precise push: target customers precise, accurate content

precision marketing seems to be every marketing people dream, every day we stop the ads, but most advertising has no effect, but we also don’t know that advertising is not effective. The uncertainty of the customers is our biggest confusion in marketing. But WeChat appears to be gradually improving the problem.

WeChat and micro-blog is not the same, micro-blog is a person to send information, a lot of people can see, and WeChat is private, one to one interaction. So we can put their WeChat fans accurate classification. For example, the author is the beauty industry, WeChat classification I’m fine: beauty beauty beauty colleagues, peers, industry executives, beautician beauty salon owner, supervisor, Manicure etc.. Then make a clearer, more detailed classification of the region, gender, age.

at a time when push information, I would choose something of value, high quality content to help push out of the target group that must be arranged, suitable for their industry, the identity of the content to push. For example, to push some of the beauty salon beautician technique knowledge, salon owner would push some of the beauty salon management knowledge and so on, so as to develop their own fans, let others not because you feel harassed information push.

, of course, there is a public platform for WeChat keywords automatically reply to the present, there are many online open interface tutorial, if you have time to study, you can use these others to develop good database to do. But for our beauty industry, has not established a special database, for some specific industries I want to find such a database is also more difficult. So, why don’t edit some keywords, some answers? For example, user input "means" will automatically restore some beauty technique knowledge, so that customers will feel this is a very useful tool, but also very interesting, he will often interact with you.

of course, you want to push information to the customer, or to the customer group, or a big premise is that others will add you. So how to let others add you? This is the problem of WeChat promotion. < >

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