The six elements of marketing enterprise website

enterprise marketing website series fourteen – marketing enterprise website building six elements

a, site positioning

The traditional

network companies in the enterprise website, basically there is no consideration of this step, they do stand to have two: one is experience, two is a business owner or the relevant person in charge of the opinion. As a result, almost all corporate websites have a face.

Li Guanghui to share a point of view: the site should be a marketing tool for enterprises, marketing means must pay attention to differentiation, otherwise, it is difficult to have effect.

site positioning includes the following:

1, enterprise product market analysis;

2, website to achieve what purpose;

3, the site’s profit model;

two, station angle

traditional network companies in the enterprise to build a website, basically from two angles to do, one is art, and the other is the function of the two.

did not consider the site’s marketing factors, therefore, this site is not a marketing site. The role of enterprises in marketing is very limited, and even basically a display.

the correct site includes the following:

1, from the point of view of the network marketing architecture website structure;

2, from the customer’s point of view of human nature;

3, on the basis of the above two sites to consider the art and function.

three, site planning

traditional network companies in the enterprise site, there is no planning, therefore, almost all of the enterprise site columns are the same. Such as: home page, company introduction, product, after-sales service, contact information, President, etc.. This is also the reason why the enterprise website face consistent. This enterprise website too much, what marketing role? No!

Li Guanghui think: the station decided to build the station.

since the site must be from the point of view of network marketing, then, I think, site planning includes the following:

1, keyword planning. Such as enterprise products, brands, VI factors, trademarks, service slogans, and so on, including the core keywords, and related to the development of key words need to go through rigorous planning, in order to form a reasonable list of keywords;

2, from the marketing point of view to plan the overall structure of the site and column structure, in order to comply with the implementation of keyword planning;

3, the site is best to use div+css technology architecture;

4, take full account of the marketing factors of SEO, so that the overall structure of the site and the search engine in line with the habit, so as to gradually achieve the key word strategy, making the relevant marketing

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