How to solve the fatal problem of how to solve the Taobao stock

the word around the world in the Taobao stream: Ten nine women died of inventory. Perhaps this sentence has exaggerated ingredients, but those who can make money and considerable profit shops, is a good solution to the stock of this fatal injury in order to be successful. Therefore, do women avoid inventory is the survival and development.

Han clothing in the women’s category in the top ten, the store every quarter new style is said to reach 12 thousand, but according to my statistics, at present in the shop shelves is a total of more than 4000. There are so many designs, but last year’s gross profit can be 55%, the reason is Han clothing is taken much less money sales strategy, new shelves each day can sell up to 200 pieces, and some models sold on the shelf, try not to the backlog of inventory. The same class from the current ten of the Yin man woman, sold a total of 1 million 850 thousand last year, but after the inventory, the number of stocks less than 50 thousand pieces. These data fully illustrate the ability of the two shops to solve inventory is very strong.

relatively speaking, our annual sales of more than ten million of the Tmall store in the inventory of this problem appears to be weak. From last year’s autumn and winter, spring and summer, a total of more than 30 thousand pieces of inventory backlog, in accordance with the price of 70 yuan, or 2 million yuan of funds to be pressed in inventory. Therefore, the store in the most difficult days, almost bursts wages have become a problem.

our previous mode of operation is this: the new day on Wednesday if sales reached more than 50, will be in accordance with the medium and small yards were 100, 200, 100 of the proportion of new orders, general pre-sale period is 15 days. Coupled with delivery to the customer needs to go through 3-5 days, that is, the turnover rate of funds is about 22 days. New in the pre-sale period of the general conversion rate can be, but to the customer to receive the goods, after the evaluation of the content, the conversion rate began to decline, this time the stock began to slowly backlog.

and from the region, where we are in the city without fabric market, must go to Guangzhou or Shenzhen to purchase, and some even go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, a light fabric requires about 1 weeks. Therefore, often after the goods out, this section has missed the best sales season.

after we started to go in as a warning for the future, control inventory pressure from all aspects, because the only way to do shop to survive, have good development.

first, the new fabric must be guaranteed to have two or more suppliers.

a new decision whether to do big goods, as a burst to hype, to ensure that there are more than two fabric suppliers. If you can not guarantee that this will be the choice to give up, even if the style is the same good results. Our shop in May when a successful speculation and chiffon dress, but the fabric >

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