nterpretation of why Lan Xiang has four sides from the four sides of the virus marketing influence

excavator which strong China Shandong looking for Lan Xiang." This sentence for having heard it many times advertising language, not to mention "tall", and it is more of chastity, but in the second half of 2014 mouth spread, received a better marketing effect. Just don’t talk about this hot events is Lan Xiang marketing department in planning, or simply fun friends spoof, only from the final effect, we should applaud for the marketing case, of course, after watching, as marketers we should learn from the advantages of Lan Xiang marketing, and its use to use examples of self. So we should from the Lan Xiang marketing process to find what can learn from the advantages of


to meet users "Ugliness" psychological, interesting and fun and easy communication.

This advertisement

Lan Xiang school, almost grown up with 80. In the late 90s to a few years ago, the information is relatively closed, the perennial unchanged advertisement in the entertainment information is scarce, ingrained engraved in our minds, the rows of excavator on television, since so many people remember. In the information age, the popularity of social media today, information spread, a full entertainment network scripts, often can tap the potential spread, it can be said that Lan Xiang’s advertising to meet the current users of "Ugliness" mentality, to cater to the "big" the rebellion, this is a where we should pay attention to. We can also feel the blind pursuit of tall may not be able to achieve better publicity, ugly is probably a reasonable means to avoid competition of resources, throughout these years Lan Xiang means of marketing, in addition to the hiring of Tang Guoqiang and shaping the brand image of Lan Xiang, some are from the grassroots propaganda piece and grass root theme and it is no doubt that, at a time when people laugh get big enough attention. And now what network promotion resources is undoubtedly the most appropriate, funny and strange things, Lan Xiang based on such a special order alone excavator industry, if not to the mining bursting point is very easy to be forgotten, so to meet the viewpoint but will let you more remember this from Shandong technical school, its core business keep in mind, moreover this ridicule means will not impact on the brand image.

With the help of

power network scripts.

Lan Xiang advertising spread flooding, if there is no network, no Internet, no joke, he would be so fire? The network piece is spread the best carrier. Now, a fast-paced society, urban people Alexander, need relaxed, funny little piece, to relax, spread through the network network scripts, naturally become the best choice, especially the kind of catchy, brief and concise, user-friendly scripts, with the help of the power network, his propagation speed is amazing. "The excavator which is strong, Chinese Shandong find Lan Xiang, such a communication network scripts, really makes the fame of Lan Xiang technical school. In fact, today we have been emphasizing the so-called WeChat and micro-blog marketing, in fact, is nothing but to a language with type > Network scripts

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