See from the marketing blog WuMeiShi blog a

on the Sina blog, on happy girls, inadvertently found WuMeiShi blog, insider information in this blog really many, the analysis is also good, through understanding, the original of this blog is a mysterious Hunan radio and Television Group (GBS) internal staff in Sina opened the blog, in 05 years revealed by Super Girls insider and Mengliao famous blog click rate is very high, it is said that this year the click rate also declined slightly, I first look, but not Li Chengpeng, Han Han this kind of move is 20W Sina Bullog, WuMeiShi blog generally hits in more than 2W has been quite good, especially is held at this time of happy girls, WuMeiShi blog attention greatly increased, the average hits reached more than 5W.

In order to study the

WuMeiShi blog, I made a simple study on WuMeiShi blog in happy girls during the study, the time from the beginning of April 27th "2009 Happy Girls network registration division official entrance" this article, "Jiang Yingrong in September 5th after winning what to do next" so far, a total of 87 Bowen, specific statistics see below:


above, the main statistical indicators are published, post title, clicks, message and is recommended to blog home page five index, which hits a column marked by the blue visits over 8W articles, marked by green grass in the message board in more than 1000, whether in recommend a column marked with red to be recommended to the Sina blog page article. According to statistics, in April 27th to 87 blog in September 5th, received a total of 483W views, each average browsing amount is 5.5W, a total of 26 articles were recommended to the Sina blog page, the recommended rate was 30%, in Sina’s many celebrity blog is also ranked in the forefront.

Look at the following

WuMeiShi blog traffic trends:


message volume trend chart:


can be seen from the three figure above the WuMeiShi blog in happy girls is held during the fire, WuMeiShi blog is mainly rely on GBS revealed that some of the insider, the insider also Happy girl GBS scream, blow out the competition, in the 87 article, there are many articles on Zhejiang satellite TV, Jiangsu satellite TV attack. Play a role in the GBS group’s internal mango platform, the company’s role in the promotion of day entertainment, as an unofficial GBS external publicity window, played a very big role.



– Sisyphus Su Wu Shepherd

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