How to construct the word of mouth marketing in the industry website

, from the perspective of communication, interpersonal communication has a great influence on the influence of the recipient. Community marketing, blog marketing, Web2.0 era, the success of Taobao, is a large part of the dissemination of information between users, people around the true use of their experiences or opinions, judgments and decisions have great influence on the formation of people around. Some netizens say good, good things do not go out, bad news spread thousands of miles, which is the Chinese people’s word of mouth."

Analysis of the current situation of

industry website construction:

1, industry website audience single.

2, more and more industry website.

3, a limited number of individual industry site users.

if a certain industry representative part of the enterprises in the negation of the industry website, and soon the industry better, or related enterprises will refuse to use the platform, will form a vicious spiral.

many industries have the characteristics of industrial clusters, especially in coastal areas, such as printing industry clusters, electronic products industry group. If the site is very good reputation in the Pearl River Delta, then with the Yangtze River Delta and even Bohai counterparts will come to the door, the initiative to become a user of this site, which is the strength of the industry. A chain of interlocking.

industry site itself makes it difficult for the industry to have more accurate and effective means of promotion, so in the operation of the industry website, word of mouth marketing is more important.

industry website how to word of mouth marketing?

1, cultivate loyal users

a new site, the biggest problem is how to increase the amount of visits, increase the number of users registered. From the marketing point of view, with the initial user resources, the biggest task is to cultivate loyal users. In the Pearl River printing network ( as an example, assume that the website originally had 800 foundation members, each member if to two individuals introduced the Pearl River network printing, there are 1600 people know the Pearl River network printing, then the 1600 men also continue to promote the Pearl River network printing, and so on, more and more members, loyalty will more and more like a snowball effect.

on the contrary, if there is no loyal users, in 800 on the basis of the original user, not loyal users positive publicity for the website, there are 80 user complaints, and continue to crowd around the site response service and function is very poor, the reaction is immeasurable, even after the website development are considerable obstacles.

2, website comments and forums

Why is the

forum popular because there are different voices from one thing to the point of view that allows us to understand the truth of the matter from different angles. Website comments and forums, that is, interactive website. More people use a platform or tool, most want to know is

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