Obviously can play half off Why do you want to buy one

in our daily life, we often encounter the situation of "buy one get one free" and "hit half off".

some people will be very confused, buy one get one and half off are not all the same? You can call half off directly? Why buy a send a make an unnecessary move?.



In fact,

is not, or that sentence, do not simply attributed, many things are caused by the formation of a number of factors, not only one reason.

first, "buy one get one free" and "hit half off" is a promotional activity, and is more common. Half off, buy a send one can have an impact on the irrational users. Standing on the user’s point of view, the surface is half of the money saved, there are still a lot of difference between the actual two. One is a discount, one is full of gifts.

said first hit half off

discount has long been the king’s general promotional tool, regardless of the line is the same as the downline. Like Taobao, Jingdong these electricity supplier gathered is the most common, perennial discounts, playing carnival. There is no doubt that discount is one of the most effective marketing tools.

for ordinary users, regardless of the initial price you have attractive, in the eyes of the user is always high, they need to be better than expected prices and discounts, let them feel the benefits, allowing them to experience the advantage of feeling.

on the one hand, the discount can attract more traffic, maximum exposure products. On the other hand, the discount is in force to encourage users to buy as soon as possible, to reduce the time of hesitation. Even, you can let the user does not intend to buy into the purchase activities.

say buy one get one

buy one to send a promotional activity is also very common, is a kind of full gift. It should be noted that many times to buy a send one, not necessarily the same thing. You can buy a computer to send a mouse, buy a quilt to send a pillow, buy a cup to send a toothbrush, etc., are in order to drive sales, about when you buy the moment decision.

however, in order to play the half off contrast, here to buy one get one just to buy a send a same thing in this situation, such as buying a Starbucks cup, a cup.

need to pay attention to is to buy a send one is definitely not simply to promote sales so simple, if only to promote the conversion rate, it is certainly more than half off, but the discount is the promotion artifact.

that obviously can hit half off? Why buy a send one?


this need to say, why do you want to buy one to send one to buy one to send a business is not a good crop, the effect is good or bad.

first, each commodity

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