The classical transmission of nternet marketing e mail marketing

e-mail marketing should be regarded as one of the oldest marketing methods, it is said to be old because it is earlier than SEO. Such as Baidu SEO is after 2000 things. E-mail marketing is accompanied by the emergence of the network. At the beginning of the time, the resources are not very rich and the network speed is slow, a lot of people are in the form of e-mail to receive information. The role of this marketing approach is magnified to the limit, the most typical is the spam. And then many people deny. Now casually Baidu will find a lot of mass software. Due to mass software, the effect is not good, but generally attributed to spam, so I don’t talk about spam, I want to emphasize is marketing, marketing, whether it is the real marketing network marketing, should abide by the principle of marketing.

an e-mail marketing environment analysis

due to the emergence of anti spam laws and regulations, resulting in the current e-mail marketing environment is more and more severe. And e-mail server and e-mail also has anti spam function, and this function is more and more intelligent, so the role of e-mail marketing is not obvious. I use a more popular in the industry to do the bulk of the e-mail experiment, the bulk of the object is QQ mailbox and personal collection of e-mail. Mail server using Gmail, NetEase, Sogou, Sina, Tom and Tencent, such as mail server. First, the success rate of e-mail is relatively low, the account will be closed soon. Secondly, send mail cannot catch up with 0.00001% response rate. So many people put forward the question, e-mail marketing is still effective? Do we still need to use e-mail marketing? My answer is e-mail marketing is effective, and the effect is good. So how to use e-mail marketing? How to break through the difficulties? This is the problem to be solved.

two, email marketing target market mail

in order to get the market in the real market, the market must be subdivided. The market can be divided into four aspects: geography, population, psychology and behavior. These applications to the network marketing is the object of our visit to the web site who? What are the characteristics of these people?.

video network is provided by the video editing information, who want this information is obviously a video editor. Who has no geographical limitations, psychology and behavior can not play a role. Then subdivide the population. Population includes age, sex, family population, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race and international. Engage in video editing of people with professional characteristics, there are video and video, advertising video editing, DV editing, etc.. According to personal career and hobbies, the site is divided into DV editor, and DV editor and wedding DV and non wedding DV editor. And engage in wedding DV people are generally concentrated in the wedding photography shop. As a result of the information network in the final positioning of the site for the wedding photography shop practitioners to provide visual information

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