How to get accurate users under O2O mode

you are not familiar with a variety of promotional book, want to have a go, then the network is spread out, but the catch is fishing on the moon


you are not confident of their own products, believe you can Huashan top in climbing a pack overlooking the glint and flash of cold steel, but decades of practice, but this was



a lot of friends in order to promote enterprise product information, they are not afraid of the heat will be a picture of exquisite leaflets to the crowd, others hold when the fan, this is not a good user experience from their own products; they are not afraid of cold, his hands close to 37 degrees Celsius zero air to that in exchange for a few degrees of indifference and a contemptuous disregard crowded places; they will find free advertising, to obtain the short exposure rate in the fixed space, then in just a few hours by Baoan comrades cruelly tore into the trash, enter another! See flyers one send a person, not clear his needs, do not understand his consumption ability, let alone understand his heart! What is to instill consumer attitudes? To accelerate the development of information technology in the modern, kind of exquisite patterns, the kind of paper Call the eye-catching advertising slogan, even on the street, people have to numb, the natural psychological resistance; and the quality of the rigid demand of the target population is still very low, the less traditional marketing mode we should not advocate too! How can we get to half, how can quietly the product selling target customers brain implants in common? These problems are difficult how to obtain accurate target customers! In the end what to do


first search engine – access to the intention of the user


first we return to the traditional, traditional physical store target users are generally the shopkeeper looking for a single client passing, combined with his years of experience, preliminary determine the person demand for their shop products, and then sell! The second is old customer service, the product is the core, sustainable development, excellent product quality. The service can often set up their own customer base, this is also a target source; the rest is through their own circle of friends of the platform, through a series of messages to get quite limited part of the target customers; in addition to the above three kinds of typical patterns, the rest must also say what.; but in the Internet environment is different, every day people have needs, solutions will look for the service on the Internet every day, So the first method collect user information is the Internet search engine entrance! General search engines are interested or very strong demand for the user, you need to go all the way to your product information in the target population search target information on the surface and then form through the soft! Leave the net contact their entrance channel, let customers have the intention to take the initiative to find you! Not you blind by.

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