Local WeChat such as the rise of hundreds of fans


is a better understanding of the WeChat, you know, now WeChat has the trend was not so much advantage, but now the official has also been weighed advertising content, and even the official introduction of crackdown, is our fans watching the advertisement more, will report to you. After repeatedly reported, then your number basic face Title position. So we are now the trend is to do local micro signal.

on the local micro signal, we mainly do is the activity, through the activities to increase our popularity, there is a local explosion to increase the exposure rate.

so I mainly for the following two kinds of ways, to say that the specific is how to do.

first: local explosion text

The local

explosion this for us is quite difficult, but this is exactly what we need to break through. Pictured:


this number has been a long time without operation, and the amount of fans is one hundred, but through this piece of content in two days, the amount of reading reached more than 3 thousand, this is the role of the explosion, but if the copy is sent to the number, the amount of reading can reach 10% this is the main content, for the local. The reason why I would like to this article as the case today, just want to tell you, in fact, we do the local micro signal is not so difficult, we need is the explosion.

may be different in each place, so we are looking for these documents, we need to combine the local culture, so that we can naturally find the corresponding copy. For local Chengdu, Chengdu is a day we all feel natural, leisurely place, Chengdu is very careless, then we according to these people, so when we push every day is to find these.

second: business activity

all of our promotion is inseparable from the activities of the local WeChat promotion is more inseparable from activities. However, this activity for different city is not the same, for Chengdu, we love is a delicacy, and we may concern Chengdu WeChat people will find that Chengdu micro signal to do more is our delicacy and tourism etc.. Because everyone in the region, the local characteristics are not the same. What should we do about these


1 WeChat fans

we can help businesses to promote their stores, and we can rely on our fans to grow some new fans. First of all, we need to do is to contact the merchant, this is the most critical, generally we can charge a price promotion, this is mainly for the local delicacy, we help businesses to promote half the market price, but our activity is to eat, this is the most able to help us. "

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