How to improve the conversion rate of sales

today, network soft can be divided into two categories, one is to promote the corporate image and brand image as the main purpose of the text, this kind of image can be called soft Wen; the other is to promote the sale of products as the main purpose of the text, this one can be called soft Wen marketing. For sales of soft Wen, the most important thing is the conversion rate of sales, that is, the reader can read the text after the purchase behavior to produce the ratio. In this article on how to improve the conversion rate of soft, and share some experience.

a, solve the problem of the article

general webmaster in write soft Wen, often written on products described in the article, to speak certain products and how well this article readers see that the ads, most do not want to read. To solve the problem of the written text, such as writing sunscreen articles, don’t write "three functions" sunscreen, and to write "summer three magic" black sun’s article, this article is very attractive to someone who has this kind of problem, attracted her reading. And purchase action. Remember, the reader does not buy your product because it is good, but because it solves the problem.

two, write how to operate

as far as possible in the sale of soft text, written into the hands of the steps and procedures. If your product is to help people solve the problem of life, then the article should try to use this product to solve the problem of the actual operation method. For example, you are to buy a juicer, you can write a professor how to use various household squeezed juice, Doushi articles, your products into one. The advantage of this is that, through your actual description, will let the reader can not wait to try the idea, she would immediately think of buying your juicer. So the conversion rate will increase the invisible.

three, use data to speak

sales of soft paper is to promote the product, you must first let the reader believe that the article, and this trust is an effective way to produce, is in the story of the product, as far as possible with the data speak. The use of data will make the article appears very strict, but also to bring the authority of the article. The use of some of the data technology, but also to strengthen the customer a certain psychological experience, resulting in the purchase behavior. For example, ten thousand yuan product discount of $10%, it is better to say that the product price of $1000 is affordable, while the $100 product discount of $30, it is better to say that more than 30% discount.

four, with a story about

good novels and TV drama, can make readers or viewers laughing or tears, this is a kind of internalization effect, through the artistic appeal, make readers and viewers into the role, and the characters found with sorrow. Good sales of soft Wen should also have such an effect, through the internalization effect, so that readers have a love for the product and the pursuit of psychology, which is an important way to tell stories. You will be in the story of the soft Wen, shaping a number of characters, things

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