One foot into the line of life and death can not say how to do network marketing

from the beginning of last year, Internet plus seemed to become a very popular word, all walks of life we see innovation adopters. Today, the economic downturn, the traditional weak sales, marketing to the Internet transformation, has become the primary consideration of many companies. It should be said that the reform of the times is worthy of recognition, with the Internet can really give a lot of corporate marketing to bring a lot of help. However, in fact it did not, I do not know how many company bosses spend several million yuan, a few days and nights retreat to learn marketing transformation course, but did not bring substantial changes to the performance. Some seemingly professional network marketing company, best special skills but is fooled customers do SEO, or continue to sell their products all kinds of advertising agency. While the transformation of marketing way and had to, in the end how to carry out Internet marketing very fruitful? Network marketing enterprises for many years, let the pilot Bo king to see too much of our success and failure, gain and loss from three aspects, training, outsourcing and team building one by one the analysis of today.


is a master, in the end how much flicker

not all marketing courses without rebuke, are empty talk. But in fact, a lot of just a few days crazy brainwashing network marketing training, and ultimately can not be landing. Network marketing involves too wide level is too deep, even if it is a separate category, such as SEO website optimization, to study the will for a long time to understand. In fact, under the careful analysis of these so-called marketing training courses, it is not difficult to find, but it is just a variety of marketing routines. Because of its almost object-oriented small and medium sized company boss, the reason is very simple, tens of thousands of training costs, corporate employees can not afford. Although the training is the network marketing, but its own way of marketing is to sell the phone, network marketing courses so cattle, why so many phone sales?


is engaged in the training of natural needs packaging, often known by a variety of network marketing masters of the so-called masters emerge in an endless stream, but how much experience? The reason of pie of the marketing training, and many have become fashionable for a time success quite a bit similar. A theory of science, not the implementation of water moon will become empty. Need to know the network marketing is a systematic project, involving more than and 30 sub categories, if a few days of training, a few million yuan training fees will be landing the implementation that everyone has become the master of marketing. These so-called training, but let the small business owners spend money brainwashing routine. Where do they just training, behind the marketing website, there are another three refresher training and guide a targeted consultant, but this is all based on the cost.

are very professional, full of how much water

outsourcing network marketing project, is currently the mainstream of many companies restructuring practices. Such as pilotage Bo king that has rich experience in actual combat network marketing company, has successfully helped many enterprises to achieve successful marketing. "

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