Suffix Asia domain name to enter the open registration period

Suspend the registration period into the auction has lasted nearly two weeks

suffix.Asia cybersquatting period ended, the March 26th 20:00. Asia domain name to open registration, enter open registration period. By then, Asia domain name registration will be the same as.Com,.Net and other international top-level domain based on first come first served principle and normal procedures for registration.

suffix.Asia domain name to take the normal "first come first served" principle, the applicant simply fill in the form according to the procedures for registration. The domain name registration rules are still two years note, the maximum registered life of 10 years. It is understood that part of the Registrar "rushing" and the price remains unchanged, DotAsia authorized by the Registrar to keep domestic Internet era two 319 yuan price, continue to promote the use of domain name.Asia.

domain name suffix.Asia experienced a "sunrise period", "pioneer" and "beach", for a total of 505838 copies, from Asia, North America and Europe have application. The Asia domain name "sunrise" because of high price is due to the fact that the public registered "Landrush" during the Asia domain name as professional analysis as the number of applications is unprecedented. "Landrush" during the celebrity Asia domain name registered by DotAsia Bureau launched giveaway is the domain name application climax. During the Asia domain name domain name auction, more nearly million dollars to the transaction, Asia domain name auction hot.


suffix.Com promoted the American electronic commerce outbreak,.Eu also launched the construction of a belongs to the EU online, now Asia has overtaken the United States and the European Union, has become the world’s most populous region, with Asia in the international political and economic position continues to improve, with unique identification of.Asia domain name to enable enterprises and individuals to lock the world’s largest Internet community,.Asia domain will become an important platform for promoting the whole of Asia and even the global online activities and business communication.

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