Foreign media predicted 11 sales double exposure Alibaba to guards

Beijing on November 7th news, Alibaba group’s double 11 online shopping Carnival has entered the countdown. "Forbes" magazine published an article saying that this year’s double 11 sales are expected to grow by $40%, reaching $20 billion. More importantly, from VR, AR shopping to entertainment, personalized experience, double 11 is expected to change people’s way of shopping. Forbes said that this year’s double 11 will mark the beginning of the future retail model.

below is the full text of the article:

Ali’s double 11 online shopping Carnival has entered the countdown. Since its launch 7 years ago, it has become the world’s largest shopping mall in the world since the launch of the double 11 shopping festival. Last year, Ali double 11 Shopping Festival sales reached $14 billion, more than the United States Thanksgiving, black Friday and online shopping online sales on Monday total.

this year’s double 11 will be different, Ali wants to make it a global shopping festival. Ali has launched a series of warm-up activities, including the 8 hours in Shanghai, that is, to buy a fashion show live streaming activities. Consumers can see anything on the T platform can be ordered online.

but the most exciting thing about this year’s double 11 is that it may change the way people shop. Here are some highlights of this year’s double 11:

virtual reality shopping

virtual reality (VR) shopping is no longer only in science fiction. Ali will show Buy+ shopping experience for the first time on the day of the festival. Only 15 cents, consumers can buy a Cardboard VR head wear equipment, the smart machine put on the device can be seen from the handbag, shoes, underwear, including a series of goods. Consumers can also use the virtual model to show clothing and accessories on the T type of appearance.

according to a video released a Chinese Ali, shoppers wearing the VR headset after found himself in New York Times Square, and then he took a taxi to Messi department store, where the sales staff to meet him. After a while, he bought a handbag for his girlfriend.

Buy+ integrates with alipay. Users can pay a head, do not need to take the head to wear equipment to checkout. For retailers who do not have a physical store in China, such as Messi department store, which may be a major change, the dream will become a reality.

augmented reality O2O

if you think VR shopping is not enough stimulation, Ali is also developing a pocket monster GO style augmented reality (AR) game, which can convert the online traffic into the store traffic.

electricity supplier is no longer limited to the network. Many online activities can be converted into the store shopping. O2O (online to offline) is a hot term in china. For example, KFC sold 80 thousand pieces of fried chicken on the day of Ali Tmall mall. Consumption >

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