Amoy Amoy in the upgrading of the outer marketing function of power network from small to large

in Taobao power sellers, Taobao first store outside the United Chinese nets jointly launched the Amoy Amoy in abroad once again smitten, completed a new upgrade. It is reported that the focus of the upgrade is limited to buy, membership points, bundled sales, coupons and other marketing functions such as Taobao module.

"this is the biggest upgrade in Amoy Amoy after the overseas listing, after the upgrade in Amoy Amoy can let the seller freely carry out marketing according to their own needs, for enterprises to achieve a" double store + double power marketing promotion "." China civilink vice president Huang Haijun told reporters.

According to the latest release of

China e-commerce research center "in 2010 China e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that as of the end of June 2010, China e-commerce market trading volume reached 2 trillion and 250 billion yuan. Among them, the size of the number of network operators more than 10000.

shop, how to promote the system, which is independent of each network providers to make a big problem and must be considered, from the development of the industry, the future will have a lot of B2C enterprises. Along with the market convergence, the network will be the focus of future competition marketing.

at the same time, is also shown in the survey of foreign users in Amoy Amoy membership China million net results, more than 90% operators eager to own shop, like Jingdong, where customers and other large B2C sites, carry out various marketing activities, expand their influence.

the 4.8 version of the Amoy Amoy new marketing module to solve the seller’s most concerned about marketing issues. In this regard, analysts believe that in the Amoy Amoy outside of the upgrade, so users will not only open independent shop, also help users open independent shop, and greater significance is to inject a powerful vitality for the development of future network. After all, if there is no good marketing, and then good goods can only be reduced to hoard goods.

at present, with the "golden nine silver ten" is coming, this is the two month of the most valued businesses. Many network operators have sounded promotional assembly, vied for the upcoming "golden nine silver ten" sales peak. It can be said that the next, the 4.8 version of the Amoy Amoy new marketing module, no doubt will allow the business to promote more abundant war.

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