Wall Street Journal luxury brands will eventually embrace Tmall


] August 13th news billion state power network, according to the Wall Street Journal reported recently, Alibaba jointly vigorously clean up and selling luxury luxury goods group Tmall platform, Tmall has become a large number of luxury brand market can not be ignored.

this year, luxury brands Burberry and high-end cosmetics brand Estee Lauder has opened the official store in Tmall, but there are still many brands face Tmall’s substantial discount sales strategy. However, analysts believe that, according to Tmall’s current situation, many luxury brands settled in Tmall is only a matter of time.

Luca Solca, luxury goods analyst

from the Bank of Paris said that the luxury want to enter into the network sales areas, we need a strong platform for support, and Tmall is in the field of professional game player. Expected in the next five years, these luxury brands will enter the sales of the third party platform.

Burberry Tmall flagship store

in addition, the current Alibaba is also cleaning up the luxury of gray market, hoping to get rid of these counterfeit products after the real big sellers attracted.

for the brand, the best way to combat counterfeit goods is to start the official store in Tmall. YipitData data show that the opening of the flagship store Tmall brand can well control the proliferation of counterfeit goods. For example, Burberry and Estee Lauder opened the official flagship store, Tmall’s other sellers have almost disappeared.

it is understood that, in order to attract big Alibaba settled in the new Tmall brand street, specially in order to attract international big settled, but also the international big and other common brand to distinguish.

Although Tmall

has been on the international brand, but these brands also have their own concerns. On the one hand, these big names are not willing to share their customer data with Tmall, on the other hand, the big name is also worried that he can not do the same as his official website to decorate Tmall shop.

although luxury brands that enter Tmall to discount sales may damage the brand image, but there are exceptions. French skin care brand Clarins since October 2013 settled in Tmall, the full price of goods sales still achieved sales growth. Clarins Asia Pacific electricity supplier responsible person Julien Chiavassa believes that within the next 18 months there will be a large number of high-end skin care products settled in Tmall.

but some people questioned the attitude of Tmall, that although Tmall’s model can be applied to the operation of Burberry, but this is just a special case, can not be settled as an international brand Tmall model.

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