Those entrepreneurs in joke

Internet entrepreneurs do have 6 years of time, exposure to a wide variety of Internet entrepreneurs, they also become a full-time venture from a hobby, investors often seek to recommend projects. Recently, there are often entrepreneurs tea forum to discuss the feasibility and the operation of various projects, feeling a lot, a personal webmaster denounced article "three major bottleneck" personal webmaster release did not get everyone dislike, but get a lot of support, and for continuing to criticize some of those various years met no reliable entrepreneurs, the same purpose is not to belittle, but can be a practical business.

1 for part-time entrepreneurs

In what can be mentioned in a report is not part-time entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the teahouse reported IT

before the user object, think the beginning a lot of successful entrepreneurs are starting part-time, neglected before the adjective "joke". The most typical of this kind of entrepreneurs is that worked for a well-known Internet Co, has good industry background, bright experience, but not willing to work for a lifetime, always want to own what to do, are reluctant to present salary and status, and decided to use their own part-time business, please pay a outsourcing team to make the product, or even not only product plan, and then start looking for investment everywhere, the basic idea is to get the investment immediately resign out of business, if the investor’s money do not feel bad. But investors are not fools, so the end result is to continue to work in the contradiction of life.

2 passion Unlimited college entrepreneurs

although the country in support of entrepreneurship, there are some entrepreneurial success, but overall still does not support the entrepreneurship of college students, especially those who have passion no way of entrepreneurship, often in our activity will encounter some college students, full of passion and said, "we are students, we are young, and full of energy. I want to start in the Internet field, but did not know what to do". In some business competition also often encounter full of passion, will only shout slogans and targets, and then catch was the most popular industry mode, will become their project, the final result is always stay in the slogan, graduation when looking for a job but eventually lost;

3 aspiring entrepreneurs cross

Internet and mobile Internet popular to many traditional industry practitioners enthusiasm, eager. Most of them in areas where access to certain successful experience, as people mature, have a certain economic base, continue to see a variety of Internet business for the benefit of a myth, then bite a stomping self own network business model must be the most popular the most media reports, product demand is entirely a personal head, based on personal like to complete the recruitment are also paid hotshots, novice never. The final result is mostly their own hard-earned money boondoggle, return > cooked

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