Who can become the next generation of electricity supplier model leader

next generation electricity supplier model will be like?.

because both mobile electricity providers, social electricity supplier or C2B electricity supplier, they are more than the outbreak of the expected slow.

this late wave of electricity providers, Tencent and Ali will also bring a different mentality.

Ali is the biggest beneficiaries of the existing electricity supplier pattern, in the way they all the way in the product layout ideas, who will beat us, rather than being defeated by others, it is better to be defeated by themselves throughout.

mode competition, has become one of the key words of the development of e-commerce in China for more than and 10 years.

In order to prevent the

Alibaba B2B model defeated eBay on behalf of the C2C mode, Ali made Taobao; Taobao was defeated in order to prevent the new B2C model, Ali launched Tmall; the next is who could beat the B2C mode, Ali’s answer is C2B.

just this time, in the user relationship driven C2B model, Tencent’s WeChat has built the largest user groups based on social relationships portal. The reason why Ali has a sense of crisis is that this time the social relationship started in the mobile terminal, a Ali has not yet fully prepared areas.

for Tencent, when the market is no obvious leader, as has been the first to grasp the user entrance WeChat platform but there is more time finishing behind the electricity supplier system, or have the resources to make the innovation mode of exploration.

Ali C2B layout was robbed WeChat


group chief strategy officer Cengming said in early 2011, e-commerce in the future if summed up in one word called C2B, the future of the business model is the mode of mass customization to the consumer as the center. E-commerce is not just the sales channel to the internet.

although this direction has long been recognized, but in the planning and operation of specific products, but has not yet created a representative of successful products. According to Ali insiders say, they are in the first stage is towards this goal at a gun, if found to deviate from the target, then adjust and try again.

for Ali, Taobao from the past to the development of a community forum mode to the present, has become a huge flow of people, but the human sense of the mall. The user’s purchase on Taobao is still focused on the home page or search. For more than 9 million businesses with Taobao, this flow is too simple single entry mode is not conducive to the health and sustainability of Taobao ecosystem.

if the interaction between buyers and sellers are scattered to personalized service channels, so this decentralized mode will revitalize the larger sellers active, but also allow buyers in the consumer experience to surprise and differences, enhance the sharing and expressing desire.

especially when more and more buyers and

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