Taobao released the most stringent commodity control notice through the store to teach you move


Taobao in mid August, issued a "commercial advertising control notice", strict control of goods not to publish content for the purpose of the transaction or transaction risk easily lead to external sites of goods or information ".

by this new specification, Taobao recently released a new owner in many commodities have caught, Taobao received the goods warning information. The defendant must know the deadline for optimization, otherwise the goods will be more than the shelf, may also receive points, delete and other penalties.

for a while, the owner of Taobao group and Taobao forum have said Starving people fill the land., the shopkeeper, the mood is very unstable. Some of the contents of the owner of the goods before the write too capricious, the shop almost no violation of the goods. Days and months multiplying hundreds of items, from the title to SKU, from the main map to the detail page, there is no need to optimize the place, let the workload of the shopkeepers anxious straight wall deflection. Some are a few pieces of goods accidentally hit, but confused, do not know where the thunder, against the new rules changed or not toss about, through Taobao fayan.

but Taobao strict rules, but it is not impossible to break. Just need a professional store distribution platform tools, such as the business school from the store, you can rely on the batch editing, batch distribution function, to help owners "move", a thorough optimization of commodity information, easy to deal with the new Taobao audit.

in fact, careful study of Taobao’s new regulations can be found, Taobao this is mainly for the following:

l commodity information (title, SKU, main map, details of information) can not appear in the micro signal, QQ number, two-dimensional code.

l commodity information can not appear "do not buy" "only appreciate" "contact" similar to the actual sale of goods.

l commodity prices can not be more than 9999 yuan is far greater than the actual commodity prices.

and the owner have to do, is to mine, Taobao will store all the goods into the store after download, use bulk store through editing, batch search and replace the possible all goods in violation of the word. Then re batch distribution to upload their own Taobao store. The entire process takes time, you may just drink a cup of coffee, the store hundreds of pieces of goods have been re optimized again, is not very HAPPY ah.



and in the process of batch distribution in the store owner, will be put through to the owner of the Taobao audit real-time information feedback, if there are problems of commodity information, through the store will prompt upload failed, and told the owner is a commodity which is still a problem, so the owner can timely and targeted modifications, and again upload.


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