Baidu home electricity supplier ambition not go out

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(CRIC) sources, Home Furnishing by Sina and Baidu cooperation channel of Baidu Leju has been quietly on the line, being tested. In Baidu Leju’s, "Baidu house" and "second-hand housing" and "housing" and other branches, although the content is broad, but basically around in the real estate field launches. This is Baidu in the trading platform "have ah" crashed after the electricity supplier in the field of another try. This alone abandon operators, and through business cooperation, information exchange and industry website, after 100 back to Baidu or the electricity market is very high especially reluctant to part, the gross profit Home Furnishing decoration field.

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at the beginning of last year, Baidu has announced that in April 1st, the platform of the goods, stores and transactions related functions will be shut down, businesses should as soon as the goods shelves, and stores important information from. So far, less than three years to market, with C2C as the main positioning of Baidu has a basic platform to announce the exit of the market, which also marks the first time in the field of electricity supplier Baidu failed to test the water.

was well under the leadership of Li Mingyuan, after years of struggle, the market share is still less than 1%, but this only shows that Baidu in the right way, operation or promotion, rather than the market has been emptied. Domestic electricity supplier experts China Nobel further added, "notes, when Taobao has a market share of 80%, is a huge contrast". And at the time of its founding, the integrity of the financial crisis, foreign trade exports blocked, most businesses are turning their attention to the domestic market. With the national policy of stimulating domestic demand, in the B2C market will have a huge demand on the market trends. Unfortunately, at that time, Baidu has only seen the C2C market, missed opportunities.

however, in Baidu’s view, the "battle of Waterloo" has changed, just to find the right business, Baidu will still be an active participant.

by the China real estate information group (CRIC) strong combination, is to rely on their professional advantages, together to create a new real estate information search platform. At present, in the field of real estate, Home Furnishing, there is not a large scale, enough information, product supply platform mature, as an innate advantage of the participants, whether Baidu Leju has made the

ready to take cities and seize territory?

in the Baidu Leju channel below, respectively, "Baidu Home Furnishing", "new Baidu" and "Baidu," Baidu second-hand housing "rent" four sub projects. Although it is still in the test stage, in view of the objective factors such as time, ready or slightly inadequate, but since the title of Baidu to the Internet market, naturally stand to ponder.


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currently Baidu home mode is set in accordance with the basic electricity supplier platform. Baidu provides an open platform to attract businesses to join in, through

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