nvisible power down the reasons Amoy blue ocean teach you how to do

recently a lot of students to Amoy blue ocean reflects the gradual decline in store traffic, a time can not find out what the reason, this is what we often say that the invisible fall right!

in the online shop, many stores even their own product is down right are not found, do not know where the wrong, shops, especially some new stores often make small mistakes, but these small mistakes once Taobao eyeing the contact will be right down, when to check when it was discovered that he had hidden down the right, open shop how to prevent invisible drop right? Amoy summed up the reasons for the following blue ocean is invisible down the right, we can see, to avoid the same mistakes.

, a repeat distribution

for repeat distribution, we do not know whether you can understand the simple repeat distribution point, is for the products of the same title, product attributes and product pictures are the same product, will be determined to repeat information, duplicate product search results will not give the show or just a show in Taobao, for different baby, must be in the title of the baby, baby, baby pictures and description reflects the baby different, otherwise it will be determined to repeat the distribution of Taobao.

two, title stack

Title keyword stuffing means many sellers in order to Taobao in the title, put some keywords to stack many irrelevant words, let a person see the title to read do not know what products are selling, for example: Sales of women’s clothes, the title is written: jeans, dress shirts, clothing, etc., so keyword stuffing will be Taobao direct contact right down.


put in the wrong category

in the selection of categories, category if wrong, it will cause the corresponding drop right effect on the product, so it is difficult to rely on products ranked before, Xiaobian recommend, what types of products must be placed in the corresponding category, don’t just put it.

four, false price

believe you knew what a virtual store price means, the so-called virtual product that is sold by the product price and the same type of product price difference, or is intentionally at a very low price to get the search ranking. Taobao for such cases, the punishment is very heavy, the baby is false, Taobao will automatically give you the baby drop right, for some serious price cheating baby will be forced off the shelf, so they want to store the products won’t be right down, must be the real price.

five, replacement products

for the replacement products, the store will rarely do, meaning that store has released the baby, the baby to modify the contents of a baby for sale, some of the stores is the main figure, replacement products in order to replace the baby baby baby description, title and other factors in order to adapt to various changes, and some of the stores is to get baby to product ranking.

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