China warehouse network e commerce is the traditional industry to open a new world

Chinese warehouse: on 2008, with a U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered the global economic center of Wall Street also led to the global financial crisis, China in global integration pattern is to escape the robbery. In China, brings damage to the real economy of numerous enterprises, especially on the domestic market and import and export trade, in the world economy closely related enterprises in the market, the global financial recession, the rise of raw materials, the price competition more let these enterprises snow and frost.

economic crisis, the major companies have to find a variety of ways to deal with the economic crisis. On the one hand is the cost of their own control, that is, to strengthen the control of corporate funds, accelerate the use of funds, reduce the cost of capital. Another important aspect is how to quickly and effectively bring their products to sell out, which, to expand their existing sales channels through the network channels, develop new customers to create new profit for SMEs to become a pressing matter of the moment. Stock forum

recently I found a China warehouse network site, the site from childhood to the children’s toys to mechanical equipment cover almost all the content of the traditional industry, said he is a network of electronic name card of traditional enterprises at all but. Page fresh, clear classification, query convenience is a few of the major features of the site, and small and medium enterprises can also publish their own free information on the company in order to promote the product. The massive data in millions, there is your potential customers, no doubt China web site is the traditional warehouse companies around the personal secretary.

through careful observation, the author found that the site has a so-called "online warehouse" column. Driven by curiosity, I click on the inside, it is found that China warehouse network specifically for enterprises to design the flagship website space, buyers at home and abroad to provide a display of brand image of the enterprise marketing platform. After the study, the author found that compared with other website, the marketing platform mainly has the following features: one is the enterprise website image display, which means that once the enterprises to join the "online warehouse" is equivalent to the site for their own enterprises to establish a marketing website; the two is "Chinese brand" brand promotion once, "China brand" brand promotion system, then the search in the search engine, your products can be ranked first, let customers immediately find you. The three is the precise distribution of daily business opportunities, the conditions set by the customer, to provide customers with the most accurate business opportunities. As the saying goes: "business is money." Who can be the first to grasp the opportunities, grasps the initiative in business. Four is not limited product release, there are many products, the number of release. There are other special status symbols, video broadcasting, international top-level domain distribution etc..

at the same time, the website also provides the enterprise e-commerce training, warehouse inventory, cargo insurance, corporate identity, freight and insurance services, legal aid services such as line services, and online services complement each other, complement each other. And the site also launched the third party payment system "Yabao pay", to ensure both safety of funds transactions. Foreign Trade Forum Network

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