The United States and the Amazon China Alliance global retail pattern will be affected

With the electricity supplier

entered a period of deep integration, between the retail electricity supplier for nearly two years more and more hezonglianheng. April 22nd, Amazon China and Gome announced a strategic cooperation in Beijing, the same day, Gome’s official flagship store is also officially unveiled Amazon China Mall Thus, the United States has become China’s Amazon website heavyweight household appliances and consumer electronics sellers.

network sales mall and the United States supply chain output is the two focus of bilateral cooperation. For the future, Gome President Wang Junzhou said, is expected this year, "the service scope of Gome official flagship store will be extended to a second tier city is mainly domestic, with Gome in Amazon Chinese commodity supply, third party logistics solutions, customer service service and other fields, to carry out strategic cooperation. In addition, cross-border electricity supplier cooperation also has a lot of imagination.

industry experts believe that in 2016 the pace of optimization of the retail industry will accelerate the pace of adjustment. For the entrance from online and offline changes more core supply chain competition, cooperation with the United States Amazon Chinese is an important step in the supply chain social opening, so as to form the supply chain as the core to the third party sales network platform entrance layout.

socialization of logistics and purchasing capabilities

cooperation with China in the Amazon, Gome is an important step to accelerate the opening of the supply chain capacity. Wang Junzhou said that the United States to provide goods and services to customers Chinese Amazon; the United States completed the procurement of goods, and provide a part of the logistics service of goods, the other part of goods and services completed by Amazon China.

, that is to say, the future of Gome advantage goods will be in the Amazon China mall sales, thereby changing business models, the United States has realized from large retailers to "network marketing platform provider + sales network platform retailers" double identity turned.

in Wang Junzhou seems to reach cooperation with Amazon China, Gome is an important part of the supply chain platform for social liberalization strategy. The United States and the United States will continue to intensify efforts to open up its own perfect supply chain system to achieve the socialization of Gome’s supply chain and the strategic goal of the whole retail.

Wang Junzhou, the past cooperation of Gome in the sales channels mainly in traditional retail areas, such as Lianhua and Guangdong Wumart, modern department stores, the cooperation with Amazon China, means that the supply chain will open from offline to online, the future will launch various forms of exploration.

to this end, the United States and the United States organized a specialized supply chain team to implement the Amazon China project. What is supply chain team, Wang Junzhou revealed that procurement + logistics + IT constitute the ability of the supply chain.

according to public data show that in 2015, Gome differentiated goods accounted for 35%, is expected to 2017 this figure will reach 50%. At the same time, the United States and China’s logistics coverage of 400 cities, logistics costs in Gome operating income >

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