Self built electronic business platform matures

today I saw a news, I think of a trend of electricity providers now, let us look at the following news:

October 1st news, shop No. 1 of its open platform business in the mall yesterday, the new domain name low-key, which also means that the mall has been stripped from the No. 1 shop out of the independent operation of 1.

in September 30th from the Dongguan branch of China Construction Bank CCB was informed that on the basis of the traditional financial service advantages and emerging e-commerce service applications, officially launched a comprehensive e-commerce platform for financial services – good financial business". Through the site, the public can not only online shopping, wholesale, but also showings, real, apply for mortgage.

BSTEEL build e-commerce platform sharing value; China Pacific Insurance Group group integration advantages of resources, professional insurance and financial services financial Ping Ping Agel Ecommerce Ltd officially opened in October 2nd. The insurance e-commerce battlefield has been raging like a storm, will usher in a midfielder.

five news can be seen in the field of e-commerce, whether it is a traditional enterprise or the old electricity supplier companies are doing the same thing – to build a platform.

electronic business platform technology tends to mature

With the construction of

e-commerce platform more and more, give a lot of traditional enterprises and some rely on other platform companies a chance with the success and failure of e-commerce platform construction of rich experience and examples, given their reference and self, now choose to build their own business platform has become the first choice. But also for enterprise business talent, self built platform is a fundamental business, can only rely on others to succeed temporarily, as shop No. 1, eventually secede from Taobao. (text / Huang Jialang)

and electricity supplier platform technology has matured, build the party platform and the details of many aspects of knowledge have made a circle of people know, but also for advanced technical talents, build e-commerce platform is one of the necessary survival skills. The hardware and software to keep up with the pace, what is the reason not to build their own e-commerce platform, not to mention now e-commerce talent shortage, so can be used to build their own platform to cultivate a group of loyal talent is much.

development tends to rational

we all know that the electricity supplier after blind development, leaving a lot of sequelae, and many problems during the year 2011 the number of enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce, but in 2012 this year and fell, group purchase is a very obvious example, now the rest of the group purchase enterprises are St. fighter, see who can last. The enterprise or platform close to give businesses a slap in the face, poured cold water, let a lot of people rational up, not blindly optimistic about the development of the more rational.

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