So disgusting Net exposure meal platform status Black workshop sink rinse mop garbage string

a number of undocumented takeaway businesses, kitchen environment dirty, platform manager to guide businesses fictitious address, upload fake photos, even unlicensed black workshop in default…… Half a year ago, 2016, 3· 15 party has reported a lot of chaos that hungry takeaway platform, now takeaway platform how


apply the


"Qijia congee shop" and "Mini curry" and "Monday lunch", the three in the hungry on the left of the address is Shanghai Mengzi Road No. 341, used the same named "even to the restaurant" license.


however, the reporters came to the Mengzi Road No. 341, found here is a wonton shop.


reporter: Qi Jia porridge shop heard of it?

store: No.

reporter: Mini curry heard of it?

store: No.

reporter: how long have you been staying here?

store: sixteen, seven years, we have a shop, no other shop.

hanging from the store’s two cards, "even to the restaurant" is indeed the odd taste wonton shop. Then, hungry for another store on the platform to display the address, where is

?The reporter called

"Min curry" room telephone.

reporter: you above the address is also displayed in Mengzi road 341, how can not find it?

Min curry customer service: this I do not know, I am now in the branch, this shop is in the south of Pudong.

and the other two use this license on the restaurant page, not even the phone. Consumers simply can not contact, can not find the actual business address.

near famous brand

in the hungry platform, apply the license is not uncommon, including: the Starbucks near the famous May flower shop, upload the license name is Anhui cuisine.



reporter finally found this Starbucks Rainbow Road, its business license and food business license can match. At first glance, it seems like a real thing, but the reporter came here, but the clerk denied it.


Rainbow Road shop clerk: we are not take away.

reporter: hungry above the (Starbucks) shop is not you open?


Rainbow Road shop clerk: no relationship with us, they are likely to immediately "

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