The most stringent food safety law introduced undocumented shop does not turn

in order to sell food on the third party electronic business platform, you must have a business license, if there is a problem, the electricity supplier platform as the main business is also responsible for. Recently, the history of the most stringent food safety law amendments adopted by the National People’s Congress, the revised food safety law since October 1, 2015. However, the reporter learned that undocumented private workshops sell food still exists, relying on the circle of friends and other non official channels for the sale of food is still free from regulation, these "guerrillas" to become a regular army, also need more supervision rules.

takeaway platform:

buy insurance food bad Baopei

consumer use of U.S., once the food safety problem, submit a medical certificate and other related materials through online way, you can get Zhong An insurance payment." In the face of the already announced the magic, is a substantial expansion of the O2O platform has been taken action. Reporters learned from the United States takeaway, the company to join the insurance company for the United States to take away the online merchants to provide food safety liability insurance. Reporters saw, to participate in the insurance business will be displayed on the page, Paul word.

is responsible for the introduction of the insurance product manager, O2O takeaway is characterized by digital, traceable, in the long run, you can backtrack, forced upstream each link, thereby enhancing food safety."

in addition to the purchase of insurance, "hungry" and "beauty", "Baidu" and several online takeaway ordering platform also strengthened the settled business license audit, the reporter found that some undocumented catering businesses have gone out of business.

reporter login "United States" and "hungry" two big platform found that some businesses have in the catering shop "business details page" location publicity business license, business license and other catering license information.

comprehensive class electricity supplier:

not mandatory


and in the traditional B2C integrated class electronic business platform for food sellers access threshold is not mandatory. The reporters found that as the number of sellers on the platform are numerous, to a "one size fits all" license access system, a lot of the main "homemade food" seller "did not have to play".

yesterday, the reporter login to a business platform ( to search, find search "only four keywords of homemade food", out of 2617 results, such as bean curd, snacks, nuts, spices, aquatic products, meat, and "green, organic, natural, environmental protection" is the self food shop the most resounding sign.

reporter saw at a company called "hillbilly" primary agricultural and sideline products shop, the store selling plum dried vegetables, dried bamboo shoots, dried sweet potato and other raw materials are produced in their own fields, the drying process is the family personally pickled, without any food safety testing. "We are using the packing bag, when the express plus a carton, not what the problem." The owner said, even the bag is to buy their own

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