Ma Yun has a new action Ali no longer mention e commerce

October 13th news, today, the seventh session of the Hangzhou · cloud habitat conference held at the International Conference Center in the town of cloud habitat. The theme of the conference is "flying · evolution Apsara Evolution", a total of 4 days, starting today until October 16th.


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billion state power network to understand, Alibaba founder Ma attended and delivered a speech. He believes that the impact of e-commerce is not the traditional retail industry, but the traditional industry, the latter did not realize that e-commerce is the future business model.

conference, Ma suggested that the new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technologies, new energy, the five new will face tremendous impact and impact from all walks of life.

new retail Alibaba, from the beginning of next year, will no longer provide the "electronic commerce", instead of "new retail", while online and offline to the birth of new retail and logistics integration, the future is not the essence of logistics company who is faster, but the elimination of inventory.

new manufacturing, and the pursuit of large-scale manufacturing industry in the past, different standards, the future of the manufacturing industry should be personalized, customized, the future of the machine to eat is not electricity, but data. At the same time, the traditional manufacturing industry will change from the original B2C mode to C2B mode.

new financial aspects, emphasizing the support of more small and medium enterprises, young people and consumers, I call on each country to create opportunities for people under the age of 30, in the past we have provided too much for large enterprises." Ma Yun mentioned that in the past, the financial system is talking about the 28 theory, the service of large enterprises in the future should be transformed into the theory of the 80%, the service of SMEs, young people, entrepreneurs, support for those who did not support to the people of the 82.

new technology, in the past, mechanical manufacturing will be transformed into artificial intelligence.

new resources, Ma mentioned that the development of the past based on oil and media, and future development is based on data, the data is the more valuable things."

billion state power network learned the Yunxi meeting scale than last year doubled, the site will have more than 400 keynote speeches, tens of thousands of square meters exhibition experience area and domestic and international top technology. At the same time, the conference will be broadcast live, and synchronized subtitles.

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