The online shop owner with crown reputation not openly selling exclusive cheats

skills, a full understanding and confidence in the store sold products, to maintain adequate enthusiasm for the product. Introduce their products also need art.

when a customer consulting my products, I will be very professional to introduce the product to her in detail. From the ingredients, to the efficacy, suitable for the crowd, as well as to her with similar products for comparison and recommendation. Let her know how good it is for her, what kind of changes she uses. There is a beautiful expectation. This product may also be sold in other stores, but customers can see you can explain the professional. Trust in you doubles. I sum up is to be in love with their products". Like a lover, you can know it very well and show its advantages. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t speak very well, and you can trust your customers. Do not exaggerate, enlarge its effectiveness. I sell the products in general, I have to use their own. In this way, I can convey my feelings to the customer. If I am not satisfied with the product, I will not sell. I think, in the sales process, can help customers to solve her problems. Is more successful than profit.

skills two, find a common topic, let customers relax, listen to her ideas. Speak less and listen more.

in the network, we can not see each other face, very strange, (my store marked with my photos) many sisters. See that I look good, easy to trust me. So, I suggest to the novice with his head, want to chat, just like the closer. Customers in the consultation will have nervous psychology. The boss kept selling a henpa. If the customer’s psychology is a lock, it is difficult for us to sell successfully. So we need to find some common topics to narrow the distance. (such as the common hobby, age common language ah, I will see my photos to their family dog photo ah, let her feel that you are the sister. When she opens her heart, she speaks for herself. She demands, you listen carefully, and then do not rush to sell, but from her point of view of your proposal. Help her with her ideas. At this time to pay attention to. Not recommended to customers, but the most suitable for her.. A few days ago, a sister to buy cream. She was in my shop, I chose 136 yuan. Later in the process of communication with her, to understand the attributes of her skin, I found that it does not fit her. I introduced her to a $96 cream. She also spent less than 40 yuan. She was very happy and said she would buy me some cream in the future. I conclude from this, although I earn a few dollars, but the customer’s trust. She could be your loyal customer.

skills three, talk about price techniques to refine the data to conquer customers.

sometimes customers search to find a lot of similar goods. In the bargain with me, I will take someone’s home than low prices as the reason for. But I will be neither humble nor pushy. I’ll search for what she says. Detailed comparison. For example: whether it is similar but different brands. Whether it is the latest. Is there a good after-sales service. Final >

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