Tmall Electric City wins the giant investment electricity supplier market smoke from Jingdong

Jingdong announced last month that huge investment 80 billion yuan to force the home appliance market, menacing, broke the news at noon on May 2nd that Tmall electric city at the end of April more than and 800 business meeting and announced that the next step plan for the whole network the largest promotion plan for half a year. Known as "the goods covered the whole category, build the lowest price", this is undoubtedly the sword has always been in the lowest whole network known Jingdong mall.

Tmall Jingdong battle around the corner on the string arrow

last year, Tmall Electric City turnover has reached 20 billion, the low price campaign will be launched in the 3C home appliance class in full swing." Tmall Electric City, said the person in charge at the meeting. It is not difficult to see in the language, this time the words are directed at just a huge amount of investment in the mall Jingdong. Tmall Electric City both in the promotional efforts or long, have shown great determination, Tmall challenge has been issued, the Jingdong not sword? Business tycoon battle will be fully opened.

Tmall Suning Gome Claudia or Jingdong to block the clique copy of Jingdong IPO?

April 8th, Suning announced a high-profile price war in the face of high-profile opening, Suning price war started, each business chiefs are stressful but not in disarray, then Tmall, Amazon, Gome is also the first time to follow the pace of price war. The electricity supplier giants started a price war by Jingdong cliques Laodicea, users have to guess is to obstruct the Jingdong IPO, Tmall Electric City merchant organization conference aims to disrupt the rhythm of the Jingdong, and the Jingdong who encircled the Jingdong, with


warehouse logistics is to carry out the lifeblood of the electricity plan

price war means that profits will shrink, shrinking profits from the logistics is inevitable. So the electricity supplier gangster to play the price war has its own warehouse logistics system is very necessary.

self logistics can improve operational efficiency and service response speed, reduce operating costs." Gome responsible person.

Suning and Gome at this point is the most advantageous, Suning and Gome is the line of the electrical giant, the city wide coverage, self built warehousing logistics system has obvious advantages.

According to marketing department Min Juanqing said, Tesco first year earnings benefited from the upstream and downstream of the strong control, especially the logistics cost advantage.

this point, for many businesses and scattered Tmall electric city to implement a bit difficult, lost the advantage of logistics is also represents a lost opportunity in this price war, once the development of Jingdong in the warehouse logistics system, electrical appliances in the circle of Suning, Gome, Jingdong three foot separation situation is as the basic form of. Http:// welcome to retain copyright link reprint. (text / Jia Xuelong blog)

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