Taobao guest website to make money Raiders two

some time ago to share with you some of the "Taobao" on the site to make money off the Raiders, a lot of friends add my QQ to share the relevant Taobao guest website program, talking to you today about second websites to do some ideas of Taobao customers, Taobao promotion mentioned last time off can be divided into two kinds, one is the promotion of human. Another is through the website promotion. The website as a platform for the promotion of Taobao customer can get a large number of directional search visitors, resulting in a large number of commodity purchase income transformation, the fact that the site of Taobao as a platform to promote the passenger source of traffic flow is divided into search engine optimization and promotion in two ways, the website for advertising promotion Taobao customer product ideas today to talk about the main use:

, looking for a suitable high profit Taobao customers to promote products, Taobao in the back off we can find a lot of goods commission price is very high, some owners even promotion expenses a month to pay tens of thousands of dollars, such as weight loss or breast enhancement products.

two, the production of a number of simple and practical Taobao customer goods promotion page, such as my Taobao weight loss drug list, you can directly through such a page advertising.

three, Taobao customer product advertising platform and keywords, the current domestic bidding advertising platform is Baidu promotion, GOOGLE ADWORDS, Sogou soso bidding, bidding, promotion of the mom, a search for and so on, each platform visitors flow and quality, the auction price is different, according to my observation of GOOGLE traffic quality to visitors better than the other platforms will have relatively higher conversion rate, Baidu promotion flow is the largest, while other than price promotion platform is better than the former two, you can try to choose the appropriate goods and keyword promotion, of course, some friends have free coupons experience GOOGLE from ADWORDS to GOOGLE on this kind of product is a a good choice.

four, do the bidding promotion is most afraid of malicious clicks, a Baidu promotion reputation is not very good, I used to do a product for Baidu in less than half an hour, hundreds of yuan was completed and click costs have not recovered, so do the bidding of the friends to pay attention to keep an eye on your account, abnormal timely stop related keywords to promote the launch.

today to share with you just about Taobao off the idea of their own, I hope you make the tiger. Taobao online shopping women’s ( village original! Copyright, reproduced please indicate! Thank you!

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