Glutinous rice network mask product being sued for infringement of the plaintiff Unifi nc claims 50

(Shanghai) health products trading company that rice network sale "My Beauty Diary Mask violated the" trademark beautiful log "my mask, glutinous rice network operating company of Beijing glutinous rice network technology development Co., Ltd. and Beijing rice network information technology company to court, claims 500 thousand yuan economic loss. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case.

according to the plaintiff Unifi Inc, unified drug Limited by Share Ltd well-known cosmeceutical products factories in Taiwan in 2009 by the Chinese Trademark Office approved the registration of the "beautiful log" my "trademark, can be used for cosmetics, cosmetic skin care mask, cosmetic agent, toiletries, perfumes, essential oils, bath and other goods. After the registration of the trademark of my beauty, the Unifi Inc of Taiwan licensed the United (Shanghai) company to use the registered trademark in the mainland of china. But since October 2012, Unifi Inc found that glutinous rice network without permission, many times on its Web site sales marked as my beauty diary mask products, and huge sales.

Unifi Inc believes that the behavior of the glutinous rice network infringement of the plaintiff’s "my beautiful log" trademark exclusive license to use, to compensate the plaintiff. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Reporter Kong Dejing

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