Network part time the industry should respect the work should be careful to be careful

Increase of

users bring the Internet industry is the rise of part-time, whether students or workers, many people will earn some pocket money in the free time on the Internet, the birth of this phenomenon in the author’s opinion is a good thing, but now many part-time industries have appeared some unreasonable phenomenon, 1 part-time the price is low, 2 part-time jobs do not give money, 3 part-time scam. These unreasonable phenomenon also let many part-time personnel were injured, the following author according to their own situation with the Internet to give some suggestions.

let’s talk about the problem of the low price of part-time, part-time job is a good thing, but the price is too low for part-time personnel a waste, the author suggests that if you encounter some of the following, so it is best not to do part-time job, and earn money rather than spend a little more to learn:

1, manual posting price at 5 below the price of wool / stick firmly not to do, don’t tube offer how attractive the fact is a fact, a person can eat or drink every day and how many posts? So if 5 hair / paste the following work best not to be a waste of time.

2, write 5 general 500 words in 5 yuan, 1000 words in 10 yuan of the following work is absolutely not, 1000 words is very simple, we give an example: a 1000 word article has 10 minutes, 50 words per minute, is 20 minutes, when writing. You need to write the edge to take at least 10 minutes to go, that is to say 1000 words to write at least 40 minutes, the general article written in this case or veteran, so about 1 hours just to earn a few dollars, would you like to do? It is purely a waste of youth.

3, a registered account verification email in 1 yuan do not want to be, now many sites have such a part-time job, but this kind of part-time job can bring the actual significance, the author has done before, the registered + verified at least 10 minutes, that is to say 10 minutes to earn 1 yuan, and this the registration can not repeat registration, if you can do this part-time, 10 have been burn incense every day, but every day to earn 10 yuan, to tell the truth this is equal to hurt his life.

4, Baidu’s products, I am here for you a lot of part-time staff will meet Baidu’s products, Baidu know the price less than 2 yuan a never do, do is a waste of time, effort and harvest is not proportional to the success of Baidu library a price at least 5 yuan, Baidu Post Bar left a chain price at least 1 yuan of money, Baidu space outside the chain in 1 yuan of money, I think that this is the bottom line price.

5, QQ group and QQ mailbox, if the buyer’s request is not high, then send a mail and QQ group in the price of 5 gross each, if buyers have certain requirements on the QQ group, the price is 1 yuan, this is the market price, if less doing it is a waste of time between.

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