Business Hui Bo and shop on the turnover of 600 counter attack 30 thousand

shop Main yoga clothes, since April, the store of both flow, or the turnover of shops are not ascending and declining trend, seeing the season to come, very anxious, analyzing the reasons of the decline in the shop, do the corresponding adjustments, shop daily sales from 600 to 30 thousand counter attack, how to do? Here in detail.

A: Shop basic information:


two: turnover contrast figure

April sales figures


May 28 to June 26th thirty days sales figures


in April and the last thirty days of comparison can be seen from the visitors to upgrade to 118966, turnover increased from 64078 to 548873, customer price of $75.2 to upgrade to the conversion from 2.92 to upgrade to 5.65 by 81.6.

three. Shop optimization ideas

1 competing product analysis:

Taobao through the front desk to see the general nature of the first few price search is relatively low, the price of the product reduced from 108 to 68, the price of product competition will be favorable.


2 visual analysis:

Pc: carousel figure decoration, the main figure on the carousel

wireless: carousel, membership card, activities such as wireless home decoration

explosion details: the details of the previous is not attractive, the details plus some buyers show, steal figure delete

3 store multidimensional drainage

(1) through train drainage

A. regional precision


some of the geographical areas can choose not to go bad, especially for some to spend hundreds of transactions have not been decisively removed.

B. intelligent matching


intelligent matching data is good. Real time every day to focus on the sale of intelligent matching words, the word into the keyword transaction.

transaction terms can be found in real-time clicks from the real-time transaction word


C. directional promotion


data is relatively stable when it is recommended to open the directional promotion to test, direct drilling combined with directional effect is better, directional one

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