Yuan Yong thick and thin hair like QQ to make money


today, old classmates asked me how to charge the QQ member is cheaper, he said that his friends are capped and not people, in fact I have been in the use of second QQ, the first QQ500 line already full, and the QQ183760982 has 600 people (open membership fee), now I own to pay an annual membership fee of QQ100 yuan, although this is not a big amount of expenses for an individual, but if you think about the number of QQ users can know the Shenzhen University opposite the Tencent Building is how to build up……

I believe that the number of

a group of older users QQ friends are close to 500 people, if you want to add friends that can charge fee member, or open two QQ, but for many people is not easy, but QQ is one of the most important role of our online lives, as we grow old the number of QQ friends, will be more and more, so it is not mean that the majority of QQ users have to charge a membership fee of


well, if you charge a membership fee, QQ will not treat you regularly to raise you a VIP grade, when the end of the year you may have VIP4, but this "ordinary" glory, all such things there entice you, don’t add cost what? I believe that few people can resist the temptation, to renew it, immediately you VIP6! So, and seized a number of loyal members of the "customer".

the whole process without a compelling, let you use the free quality QQ services, and then a ring a ring to make you unable to restrain the emotions QQ paying members, this time may take a little long, but did not affect QQ Everfount income, there are people who will start to use membership services every day, every day people to renew, this process can be continued, income is also like a snowball snowball.

and Yuan Yong also think, how the us how to study this model QQ profit, people continuously, the most willing to pay, I believe that many people are thinking about this problem, my view is: to accumulate steadily! Through quality products and services continue to accumulate, the accumulation of user resources, access to the user trust and reputation, really grasp the user, then the user will in turn feed you, finally realize your value.

what do you say,


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