Jingdong ghost orders continued merchant deduction half and fined 30 thousand


] October 11th news billion state power network, the day before the Jingdong POP merchants made ghost orders traced, Jingdong responded very quickly, and will be announced on the businesses involved to make deduction of 50 points, fined 30000 yuan decision.

in addition, the business will also be deleted someone’s product sales evaluation information, and the illegal goods shelves for 14 days, 14 days, limited participate in marketing activities to limit the release of goods 14 days and 14 days of community function and warning limit.


diagram for the Jingdong open platform sellers integral management rules in the relevant provisions

control the Jingdong’s current "Jingdong open platform sellers integral management rules", billion state power network discovery, false trading rules that involve businesses will be deducted 25 points, but the penalty notice made by the Jingdong can see the Jingdong made heavy processing.

addition, it is learned that when the merchant’s 100 points are deducted, will be directly closed shop. According to the information learned that a Jingdong POP merchant had to use the user’s phone number Jingdong brush single, subject to user complaints.

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