Network logistics is the key brand growth hard liquor

from the original run between the 2000 super restaurant and the restaurant is now sitting in front of the computer to provide services to members; from the original pressure from the parties to now have a large amount of liquidity. Guangzhou man chaohuan Wine Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Junjian said with a smile, this is the charm of network.

wine is not suitable for the network to sell, because consumers are not really wine or liquor. Therefore, such as Taobao big platform, the wine sales are also very weak. So from last year began to enter the wine online network, how to realize each month over a million sales in eight months? General manager Zhang Bin said: "in accordance with the current pace of development, we have more than 1 years will be more than the previous amount, 2 years will be more than 8 years ago to go over the road."

go into the back, you can see the strong against the traditional dealers to the traditional model, and try to network marketing. Model is the weapon of victory, the network can make the wine online expansion of the territory, has yet to be the test of time.

The traditional

model: the more money the more pressure distribution

results: the pressure of easy to overwhelm the dealer


still hold "terminal is king" the flag pole in the major dealers, full chaohuan slowly put it three or four years ago on the layout of 2000 terminals in Southern China retracement, and set up the website, to establish their own brand "wine online", get rid of the embarrassment to act as a middleman.

in general, manufacturers, distributors and sales chain from the terminal market, the dealer, as the name implies, refers to the manufacturers purchase again took the money and sold the merchants, their profits are spread, rather than the actual price, as the only bridge manufacturers and end consumers. It is understood that the dealer stationed in the super, the restaurant needs to pay a certain fee, to the Guangzhou area, for example, from two thousand yuan to $fifty thousand per month, and even nightclubs admission fee of up to $1 million.

"We used to

terminal sales places’ private ‘, provide promotion personnel, and allow them to drink out of payment, but this model let us overwhelmed", Zhang Bin described the terminal market is now "spoiled", not only need to pay the entrance fee, and because the terminal is generally in the month or place quarterly payment, resulting in a large number of funds are not timely return.

in addition, the pressure from the manufacturers can not be ignored, Zhang Bin said: "in the liquor industry, liquor manufacturers especially brand manufacturers dominate sales activities, distributors and manufacturers or manufacturers because of the commitment between regional personnel changes or policy changes and the occurrence of major changes, so that the upstream industry cannot lead to to ensure the supply of.

Under the

in the upper and the lower the attack from the full chaohuan decided in 2006 to expand the scale, stationed in the Southern China area 1000 supermarkets and 1000 restaurant, but this scale hopes to bring benefits to the people is not willing to return the funds as the core problem still couldn’t solve, but expand the scale >

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