Fun fun Amoy Amoy channel fun to lead the sun drying alone single nternet addiction

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fortune sea Amoy APP at the end of last year on the line, the trend will have settled Master interesting commodity experience from purchase to upload to share, put in the sea Amoy goods fortune can fully integrate in their delicate and healthy lifestyle in writing interesting channels, more hope and good friends together to see more healthy and fashionable the beauty of the world.

choose a suitable for your cleansing products wash makeup and Dust Haze is an important step in many urban women to maintain good skin condition must be considered, South Korea is Red Blue Bunny remover for a while and was widely acclaimed, to see fortune sea Amoy user how to say.

[Better Me students really share]


Korea remover remover Blue Bunny ability class! Thick foundation can be easily removable, including lip and eye makeup, even Waterproof Eyeliner eyelashes are using this dismount! Very clean without stimulation. Most importantly, this cleansing cream is not greasy, washing the face is very moisturizing cream! Design, the elementary school of the spoon, needed to spoon out a small spoon, clean! Paste design is also very convenient, when you go out, with a small box with a little bit packed away, than unloading what good makeup oil with a lot of



[usage] with a small spoon scoop out two small spoon in the palm of the hand, with the palm of the temperature melting point, wipe the face, not stop ring! The eye should be gentle, do not force the official statement and eyelash! Looks like paper / cotton wipe.

Go to Korea netizen "

guard beast" play ", but also to share shopping spree" and "fengmi" to South Korea will lose several commodities.

South Korea is close, the visa is simple, except for a bit of communication barriers, and their bestie come in four days three night shopping trip was not a problem! It must first buy a Korean style beauty skin care products, the first whoo, especially suitable for dry skin girl.

[students] share sincerity guard beast


using modern technology to carry forward the Chinese beauty, moisturizing, anti-aging, anti wrinkle skin, improve skin bright self-healing ability, all in one is simple and convenient. The packaging is also special points, super exaggerated, in his hand full weight, gifts are suitable for use.

is another recommendation of the Korean national brand snow show air cushion BB cream. The time when there is a cushion foundation makeup bag to catch the morning, short red light to shoot a few tens of seconds, will fix makeup, refreshing natural luster



Laneige lip film, packaging tender, fully meet the girl heart! Can soften dead skin lips pale lip color and lip repair, the taste is sweet, so all but only a few.

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