Online takeaway business license to a maximum fine of 20 times the value of unlicensed

reporter Xie Bing

now many people love through public comment, Amoy little hungry, the United States mission the third party platform takeout, full capacity reduction, feedback red is indeed very attractive, but which is hidden hiddendanger. Yesterday, Shenzhen city market inspection bureau of food inspection department at Sha Tau Street found a home without food business license, but openly selling takeaway in the number of third party platform Mala shop. At present, law enforcement officers have been investigating the evidence of the store.

the name is Shi’s favorite Mala shop is located in a dense farmers Housing Fang spit inside. The store began in September 25th this year, officially opened, although obtained a business license, but has not been a food business license. At the door of this store, posted a public comment, Amoy little, hungry, the United States Mission four two-dimensional code of these third platforms, in addition to the daily business, these takeaway sites also brought a lot of orders for the store.

talked about the cooperation between the two sides, and the owner said the four have delivery service cooperation, "the clerk active site contact cooperation", the owner only submitted to the four party platform third business license, "the clerk does not require over other certificates and materials".

in October 1st this year, the history of the most stringent new food safety law formally implemented. No access to the food production license to engage in food production and business activities, the total value of less than ten thousand yuan, fifty thousand yuan fine of one hundred thousand yuan; the total value of ten thousand yuan, a value of more than ten times the amount of a fine of twenty times. Reporters rough calculation, the store turnover of about 2000 yuan a day, a month to calculate the day of 30, turnover of about $60 thousand. According to the new food safety law, if the evidence is conclusive, the store will face a minimum of 600 thousand yuan, a maximum fine of $1 million 200 thousand.

In addition to the

, the third party platform can not escape responsibility. "People’s Republic of China food safety law" provisions of article 131st, third party network of food trading platform provider is not real name registration, review the license for food network operators, or failing to fulfill their reporting, stop providing online trading platform services and other obligations, a correction by the people’s government at or above the food and drug supervision and administration department shall confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of fifty thousand yuan fine of two hundred thousand yuan.

reporter login to the public comment online check the store found that business information in the qualification certificates show no upload, most other takeaway stores also showed no upload.

according to law enforcement officers, the store did not get food business license in a number of third party platform sales takeaway, whether the owner or the third party platform are suspected of violating the relevant laws and regulations. At present, law enforcement officers have done to the store site forensics, food materials sealed sampling, for further testing. The incident is under further investigation.

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