Taobao very home platform to acquire the Pinyin domain name jiyoujia com

renamed China ( March 18th hearing, the Alibaba owned by, recently launched the "home" home improvement O2O platform, web enabled domain two on the line, and "home" Pinyin domain name, has been the protection of Alibaba.

through China renamed domain whois information learned, September 2012 registered the domain name, currently displayed in the name of Zhejiang Taobao network company, found that the domain name has not yet access station, the future is likely to "home" project. According to informed sources, Alibaba also protect, but the current 2 whois domain name information is hidden.


figure: very home

Taobao’s very home main home improvement vertical market, from the product, designers, decoration, community cut into the field of home improvement in four areas, while opening up Taobao, Tmall shop. Currently, there is a home to show more than a whole family design, rather than a single product. In another development, will focus on make sub brand in several vertical industries in 2015.

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