2017 where is the new Taobao shop Taobao industry released eight trends in network consumption

Abstract: the young minds of consumers in the end what? Why the Reds into stores? Can operation 2017 do? In February 20th, Taobao released the 2017 industry network consumption trend, the answer here.

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February 20th, taobao.com held the 2017 first event in Hangzhou Liangzhu, led by its iFashion platform are disclosed, play the direction of this year Taobao industry to the outside world.

in addition to taobao.com industry responsible person think letter, Taobao live product senior helm (now Taobao products and consumer platform director) Wen Zhong, Taobao lifestyle is responsible for the Tang and Song Dynasties, the famous Chen Nuanyang, Zhao Daxi, Teng Yujia, red VC, Lin, Ruan Zhang SASSA et al also came to the scene, the scene on the platform, and guests professional media to discuss the various fashion consumption.

in addition, the activities of Taobao iFashion joint first financial business data center (CBNData) released the 2017 online fashion consumer trends report. The main data from the report of the main data from Ali big data, and Taobao iFashion platform as a typical case, predicted the 2017 trend of eight trends in online fashion consumption.

2017 Taobao content operation direction: more open, more commercial

last year entered the economy in the "red tide outbreak, as a fashion leader, they grasp of consumer demand and industry mode has its unique perspective and understanding." Whether it is for the platform or that song for the fashion consumer market, the economy has great value.

therefore, 2016 awarded the event consumers favorite shops, the annual net red, annual new store, the seven content Creative Award, annual fashion cafes, shops, shop style annual annual ingenuity awards, red people occupy a space for one person.

there is no doubt that is sloshing around the fashion market, the outbreak of Reds economy, "live + stars" which is different from text and pictures of the contents of the output form, with its high conversion, strong liquidity, direct exposure characteristics of A new force suddenly rises. has become one of the most influential, the pattern of consumption in 2016.

in this meeting, Taobao iFashion also organized a broadcast platform, including the professional media and fashion shop on behalf of reds, so present related salon, the combination of theory and practice, discusses the operation trend under the Taobao update, in addition to Wen Zhong, the first of the new financial media science and technology deputy general Manager Zheng Lishun, innovation bazaar the Ministry of Commerce General Manager Shi Yan, Mao shop founder Zheng Xiaofeng, the famous elephant mushroom Lin and Yujia Teng participated in the Reds issues.

"live as a kind of new form, this kind of personality, strong interactive way is easy to break the mind. In 2017, Taobao broadcast this product, the first will be better able to give more

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