Luxury jewelry business shengsijie the proliferation of fake returns nowhere

"more than 3000 yuan of shoes, wearing a week less than a little bit of degumming. Contact the seller customer service, the other only to ensure that the repair is not returned." During the national day, friends inadvertently told reporters about his experience in the purchase of luxury online shop, a face dissatisfaction. "They even are not willing to exchange".

with the development of the electricity supplier industry, luxury also entered the online shopping boom. However, the problems are gradually exposed. Friends encounter is not a case. In July this year, selling fake luxury goods business platform media exposed the most famous news caused concern in the industry. At the same time, a lot of consumers, luxury electricity supplier still exist, return difficult phenomenon. "Within 7 days of return almost nonexistent".

, the proliferation of fake return is difficult, the obvious problem has become the luxury business problem, also cause into a "death".

looks very beautiful luxury why fall into such an awkward situation? The future of luxury electric pulse, is gradually disappeared, was able to reverse the situation, through the


fakes flooding

reporter found that, compared with other electricity suppliers in these two years, the domestic luxury electric providers to obtain new financing of the very few. All the signs indicate that the domestic luxury electric business is cold again, the industry is in a recession.

in fact, two years ago, the luxury electricity supplier has had a big reshuffle. In 2012, poly mesh products, share network, Huha network to vertical electricity supplier for the positioning of the luxury goods companies have closed, NetEase backed by NetEase Luxuries luxury platform, and Sina luxury channel, also in short operation after announced the closure. In addition, according to informed sources, now Luxuries network, Fifth Avenue, such as poly still luxury electric providers have not fared well.

and the second wave of cold, behind again how are


, the main reason is the proliferation of fakes." An industry source, the international financial news reporter admitted that with the rapid growth of luxury consumption at the same time, the domestic market spawned more counterfeiters, most of their sales channels are electricity providers.

a lot of luxury cosmetics electricity supplier purchasing, basically fake." A well-known South Korean cosmetics brand responsible person told reporters that many electricity providers do purchasing, logistics is recorded from abroad into the mainland, are in fact China or South Korea high imitation goods, as genuine with slightly lower price to consumers.

According to a recent report by

, about 60% of Chinese consumers who buy luxury goods are using it at some point.

according to the wealth Quality Institute report, as of the first half of 2013, domestic second-hand luxury market turnover of about 3 billion yuan, but the average annual growth rate has reached more than 30%, far more than the same period in the luxury market growth rate. At the same time, LV, Gucci, Ch>

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