July second weeks B2B class website rankings Alibaba topped the list

IDC China Review Network 07 Sept. 20 reports: Recently, according to the latest data from the international statistical agencies Alexa released in the second week of July (2012-7-9 to 2012-7-15), China’s B2B websites, the Alibaba in 8890 weeks were the number of users covered and ahead of other sites, the top second ranking is HC; net, the number of users covered 910; jqw users 840 coverage number in third (as shown in Figure two a).


Figure 1: the domestic B2B class web site week average number of users to cover the number of statistics


figure two: domestic B2B website ranking (2012-7-9 to 2012-7-15)

as shown in Figure 1: in the statistical period (2012-7-9 to 2012-7-15), the number of users covered the top fifteen B2B websites are: Alibaba, HC, jqw, China manufacturing network, Chinese mainone network provider, a hundred responses to a single call, and more than a billion state power, China, joined the network, network 114. Marco Polo global resources network, enterprise network, Chinese manufacturing trading network, self-service trade.

as shown in Figure two, in terms of the index of visits, Alibaba topped the list with the number of users per day to visit the number of pages for 8.95. users to cover the number of 8890, shaking ahead of other sites. The second is the net, the number of users covered for 910, and in 840 the jqw number of users covered in third.

rose last week, the domestic B2B website in the top fifteen, and joined the China billion state power network were up 4 ranking, Chinese suppliers and manufacturing Chinese trading network increased by 2 ranking; Marco Polo network is down 3 places, 114 network and global resources enterprise network were down 1 places. Other sites remain stable, ranking unchanged.

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