Su Ning yesterday launched online and offline price stores and the nternet opened up

these days, the industry’s most talked about non event Suning announced double the same price, Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong is the double the same price is defined as "milepost event Su ten years Ningxin fundamental transformation breakthrough, China retail revolution". What is the "two-line"? The line where the price? For consumers, this is a gimmick to attract attention or cut benefits and consumer initiatives? The reporter interviewed.

price fluctuations, take on the plateau is not low

reporter learned from Suning, the city with the price of the same product means the same area, the same commodity inventory logistics radiation area, Suning stores online price and the price will perform the same price. If there is a price fluctuations in the stage, take the low on the plateau." For the same price, Su ningyun chain operating platform headquarters executive president Tian Rui once again clear low principle "in the market competition, the price to what extent should be determined by the market, Suning online price is to break the myth of low-cost internet."

double the same price means that Suning stores and Internet to open up to each other, the past is a comprehensive online price, now the store is in the whole network parity, provide the comprehensive competitiveness of the consumer choice. From the commodity to the price, to the service, Su Ningdu to provide consumers with a comprehensive competitive choice. "The same price, there will be no business profitability, Suning online response under the same share a purchasing platform, an operating platform, a customer relationship, inventory, goods and service agreement. In the full cost assessment, sales assessment is a problem for each product company."

is actually behind the new business model O2O

many consumers feel Suning perform double prices to bring their own is more direct benefits, but in the eyes of industry experts, Suning this line with the price, the price is not a simple thing, it is actually behind a new business model, is the so-called O2O business model. "Suning online offline goods as a long-term business model and strategy, which is behind the actual O2O business model, and this model has also been agreed that it is a future development trend of the retail industry."

in this regard, Suning also gives his own view: "on the one hand to the store to provide consumers with the display, service experience, these functions, as well as our online shopping this convenience whenever and wherever possible combine the two platform and sharing inventory, goods, logistics, services also, this model from the comprehensive experience and sales, should be a more cost efficient operation mode. So this is our courage to do this online and offline price, that physical stores don’t worry about the impact of the Internet on the important reasons." When talking about whether to meet what resistance, Suning also does not mince words: "Su Ning of suppliers and logistics integration level has reached 95%, the maximum resistance to ask meet, some categories have regional agents, then there are area >

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