Chinese domain name for public interest effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of

  recently, a Mr. Zhao Changsha city to give public fund donations, but online to find the foundation of many kinds of names, complex. Through consultation, Mr. Zhao mastered a convenient method of authority: as long as the Internet in the browser address bar directly enter the formal name of public institutions and countries. "Public" exclusive domain name suffix can be entered, this website is really a nonprofit public welfare institution’s online portal.

central office of government and public institutions domain registration management center responsible comrades said in February 28th, "a special online charity dedicated Chinese domain as a public welfare institution name, has become an important symbol of social organization and social public on the Internet to identify all kinds of institutions, social organizations, private non enterprise, autonomous mass organizations, foundations and institutions international organizations, engaged in public service and other non-profit units, the unit’s website authority, credibility and awareness is greatly improved, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of a single, more important is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users.

according to reports, the "public good" domain name is registered by the Chinese government and public institutions the domain management center is responsible for the operation management and maintenance, the center is approved by the central office, and approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, responsible for "government affairs", "public welfare" special Chinese domain name registration management domain name registration authority. In order to effectively monitor the quality of China’s domain name registration services, the center has also set up a national domain name registration service quality supervision Tel: 010-52035203.

it is understood that all registered "government" and "public domain" Chinese special institutions, are required to undergo a rigorous pre audit, including the applicant’s qualification, and continuously review the relevance of the content on the website. So in the domain name as the status of the Internet portal is more and more important today, well maintained its objectivity, impartiality and authority from

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