Merchants second sense customer access and home

small L with small G said: "the customer is doing hand painted shoes, whether we can in the mall?" G said: "look at the pictures of goods, not sure, do analysis and analysis, we now D mall location is manual product platform, on the principle of don’t make, but not rigid and more is needed strain". L has a wealth of industry experience, who can be a good solution, but it is difficult to get these sections difficult, small L then said: "the customer is very valuable, not easily won, because some do not want to miss the bar, very hesitant".

investment work for several months, has achieved some success, thanks to all my colleagues in the course of investment here, "your hard work, I hope you as in the past keep warm and full of passion and go to work, I believe in the new year will have new breakthrough. Review the number of months, we use the performance to witness D in a step by step growth, customers from zero to now hundreds, the quantity of goods from dozens to over 10000, this process, however, I think, cannot bear to think of the past, the days will be more difficult and more challenging, so we need together, together, persevere.

investment is our core and artery, is the top priority of the work. On February’s work, we focus on listening to customer feedback for the first, because we do exist many deficiencies, once defeated, all aspects of reason. So D in January last year, low-key on-line, no advertising, because the concept and purpose of our very clear "all to experience", this year, we are in the perfect experience, not doing anything, repeatedly improved. So far, we still experience as heavy, forever!

In addition to

experience, we also attach great importance to another topic "customer choice"! We are not the portal, so it is not what are installed inside, we are not a hodgepodge, so nobody will also meet if the ghosts, positioning. Then, we are afraid it will develop to a certain extent, there will be a pan mall complex phenomenon? After all, there are too many cases of success and failure, so we are deeply aware of "focusing" is not easy, to withstand the temptation. Remember Dr. Lin Yongqing in the interview program "Fujian world professional website will have a great opportunity, especially in the future", is a simple analogy, say it, say you want to find some information or products through the web site, Google use Baidu Search, a lot of search results, everything, but with the needs of users the level, from the demand to the rapid and accurate demand, so the birth of the now many successful local portals, vertical search and community, generally speaking, precision is the trend of future development of the Internet, e-commerce is no exception.

why don’t we talk about it, let’s talk about how to focus on it, because it’s a learning experience. Vertical attention really, that fear is a comprehensive complex, it will lose the essence and meaning of the so-called chicken ribs is so tempered. A lot of vertical websites, hanging >

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