EBay part of the seller’s money has been credited interest compensation has not been mentioned

following the newspaper yesterday published "eBay" in cash ": the seller half did not receive the money" one article, to the evening of October 10th, at least 13 sellers said the money has been to our account. Relevant person in charge of the eBay Technology Department, Mr. Xu told the daily economic news reporter, said the delay was due to the site optimization and upgrading, has now been restored.

from September 21st to October 9th, the seller’s withdrawal is delayed about 20 days, the money has been unable to successfully account. That money stays in the eBay eBay platform, but to delay the payment of interest, Mr. Xu said, "we have not mentioned this, I can talk to business departments should ask, no."

sellers in Guangdong, Mr. Wang in an interview with reporters, said: I am 21 issued by the application, there are no account of 10 thousand yuan. Even if it is manual to apply for withdrawals and then ask for money, up to no more than 10 minutes, but today only a handful of people (money) to the account. If I get the money this time, I won’t trade on ebay."

yesterday evening, eBay issued announcement said, "we have to start by yesterday evening on September 21st to September 26th are processed, up to now, all of September 30th and before the withdrawal application, we have all been completed, is expected to account for 1 to 2 days, due to September 21st on the 27 day and the National Day holiday, the upgrade of our system, which lead to the withdrawal application processing delay. To this end, the inconvenience to you, we sincerely apologize to you, thank you for your support for ebay."

reasons: system failure, system upgrade,

Miss Chang

September 21st eachnet.com seller Beijing submitted a cashout, eBay eBay shows cash successfully, but the money has not been to the account. Until October 10th at 11 in the morning, her bank account has a sum of more than $4700 into the account, the afternoon of 3 and there is an account.

reporter learned that more than 200 sellers, only some of the money has been credited.

October 10th

day, eachnet.com announcement said: "because of a system failure, resulting in September 21st since the withdrawal application has delayed treatment, we have carried out emergency recovery, has batch processing."

Responsible for

technology eachnet.com Mr. Xu told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, said: "we have some faults in the system, is upgrading, during the holidays, there are some things you need to consider it a comprehensive, so spend some time. We also handle the user as soon as possible, today has handled about 30%~40%, should be able to deal with all the day after tomorrow."

October 9th, eBay is responsible for Miss Ma said: "the company is mainly caused by the failure of the system delay, which the company said he was very sorry, and from last night

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